Protective Polishes

Polish & Protect (Rapid Care)

Remove light defects; enhance colour depth and shine; add protection (in one-step).

Clean, Shine & Protect (3-in-1 Care)

Remove light oxidation and surface contaminants; enhance shine; add protection.

GRP/Gelcoat Polish & Wax

PaiBoat Easy Gloss (All-In-One)

PaiBoat Easy Gloss - This is a renewer protective polish, which gives high gloss finishing while adding wax protection on gelcoat and composite surfaces. It safely removes light oxidation, stains and water spots, restoring the original deep shine of the surface; at the same time, it helps stop fading caused by UV rays, natural elements, salt water and chalk. Thanks to its advanced formula made of next-generation polymers, Easy Gloss adheres to the surface, thus leaving an enduring protective and water-repellent film, as well as an unbelievable slick finish and radiant shine. It is very fast to apply with a foam applicator pad (by hand or machine polisher) and extremely easy to remove. Unlike many other polishing products on the market, it can be wiped off effortlessly, even after several hours.

Protective Boat Polish

Driven Marine Polish (Cleaner & Sealant)

Driven Marine Polish is the best of the best. It’s loaded with the material necessary to hold up and protect in all harsh marine environments including intense sun and saltwater exposure. Driven Marine Polish can be used on all marine finishes and windows, giving your fibreglass, gelcoat or paintwork a beautiful high gloss wet look with incredible depth and clarity. Driven Marine Polish can be applied in sun or shade and once applied, environmental contaminants refuse to stick and easily wash off. We recommend applying twice a year for incredible results. Driven Marine Polish safely cleans and protects: fibreglass, gelcoat, paintwork (all paint types), glass, plexiglass, polycarbonate, high-gloss plastics, decals, chrome, polished aluminium, anodised aluminium, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper and much more. Driven Marine Polish seals and protects against harsh marine elements: UV rays, water spots, salt spray, bugs, bird droppings, algae, barnacles, fish blood, fish scales, fuel, oil, exhaust fumes and dock marks.

Metal Polish & Sealant

PaiBoat Steel Lux (All-In-One)

PaiBoat Steel Lux - Rubbing polishing protective compound that removes and dissolves rust and light oxidation, chalk, fading and minor scratches on steel surfaces, but also on aluminium, aluminium alloy, chrome, brass and metal parts in general. Its polymer-based formula assures an enduring protection against UV rays and weathering, preventing salt corrosion, stains and water spots. It leaves a rich radiant gloss. It is generally applied by hand with a microfibre cloth.

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